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Tenuta Lipani



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Savor the essence of Etna with Tenuta Lipani's Vino Pad, a tribute to the winemaking tradition and the love that has rooted its vines in the Sicilian land.

Created with heart and dedication, Papa is the result of an artisanal production limited to 600 bottles per year, where quality is at the center of every step of the process. The grapes, carefully selected and ripe naturally, convey the authenticity of the volcanic territory.

With a 60-day maceration and fermentation in fiberglass using native yeasts, Papa wine stands out for its purity and respect for tradition. Without the addition of sulphites, the refinement in 800 liter fiberglass tanks completes the work, giving a wine with an alcohol content of 13.5%.

Every sip of Papa is a sensorial journey through the history of the Lipani family, a tribute to Giuseppe's legacy and Tiziana's ongoing passion. Bottled with love 12 months after harvest, Papa embodies the warmth of Sicily, offering a unique taste experience that celebrates life and tradition. Embrace the refined union between past and present, immersing yourself in the uniqueness of Papa, a wine that speaks from the heart and invites you to celebrate every special moment.
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