Tenuta Lipani, a precious plot of land near the ancient city of Enna, in the center of majestic Sicily, celebrates the highest and most uncontaminated essence of the Italian province. Immersed in an area dominated by wheat, this estate stands out for its lush vineyards and breathtaking landscapes.

The history of Tenuta Lipani is intertwined with the figure of Giuseppe Lipani, the elderly patriarch of the family, who dedicated body and soul to the family property. With love and skill, he planted fruit trees and dedicated himself with passion to vines and olive trees. Thanks to his expert hands, the earth responded with fruits of extraordinary quality.

Giuseppe's inheritance was taken into custody by his daughter Tiziana, a woman of wisdom and scrupulousness. Following her father's instructions, Tiziana translated her vision into a completely natural wine, called Papa in honor of his life example. The tradition, from father to daughter, was respected, creating a deep bond with the one who Tiziana loved and will love forever.

Production of Papa wine is limited to just 600 bottles per year, as quality is the main focus. The selected grapes ripen naturally without the use of chemicals. The maceration on the skins lasts about 60 days, the fermentation takes place in fiberglass with native yeasts, and the refinement takes place in 800 liter fiberglass tanks without added sulphites. The result is a wine with an alcohol content of 13.5%, bottled 12 months after harvest.

Tenuta Lipani embodies the history, passion and dedication of generations, transforming the grapes ripened in the rich volcanic soil into a wine that celebrates the love of life and tradition.