Collection: I DUE MORI

I DUE MORI represents an ode to the Sicilian culinary tradition, where the quality of the raw materials is at the center of our mission. Born from experience in the food sector, we are dedicated to offering top quality artisan products, seeking out the best companies that produce the treasures of Sicily.

Our rigorous selection is based on freshness and local origin, favoring 0 km products. With a careful eye on sustainability and respect for the environment, we collaborate with ORGANIC companies in the Sicilian territory, guaranteeing eco-sustainable production.

From preserves to typical products, each item brings with it the authentic taste and culinary art of Sicily. We are committed to maintaining genuine and honest communication with our customers, collaborators and suppliers. High digestibility and the satisfaction of our customers are our priority.

Explore our range of products, where freshness and quality meet to offer you an unforgettable culinary experience. Let yourself be guided by nature, discovering the unique and genuine flavors of Sicily with I DUE MORI."